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mudular composite recycling

RCA Engineering is an engineering company specialized in projects for the recycling of composite materials. Offering EPC and EPCM solutions for the recycling of composite materials whether fiberglass, carbon fiber or Kevlar, whether monolithic laminate or sandwich core panels.

The success of RCA Engineering's modular composite system is based on its complete circular system. Offer companies the possibility of closing the circle with a single project. The project is fully committed to the environment with:

  • Zero waste

  • Zero emissions

  • CO2 emissions

  • Acoustic

  • Environmental

  • Chemical

  • No preliminary work needs it for soil preparation.

  • Modular system.

  • Easy to carry.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Different recycling capabilities

  • Zero potentially harmful environmental impacts at the production site.

  • Cost reduction compared to current proposals.


The current challenge is to have enough recycling centers to be able to supply global demand and a sufficiently large market for the consumption of recycled products and to support these recycling centers. With the proposed project, RCA Engineering offers a cost-effective modular wind turbine blade recycling system. Where companies due to the transportability and modularity of the plants can dismantle the blades of wind turbines in different areas at the same time and directly transform the processed material.

RCA Engineering has considered all the pros and cons of each of the methods that are being developed for the recycling of these materials. For the time being, we have ruled out the development of recycling projects using chemicals because, in some of the chemical recycling processes of composite materials, toxic substances, such as cadmium and mercury, among others, are produced that can leach into the environment.

While it is true that, in some of the current thermal processes, there is concern that, during the process, systems that destroy chlorinated organic molecules by heat have the potential to create incomplete combustion products, including dioxins and furans.

The following table shows the differences between the current recycling systems on the market compared to the system proposed by RCA Engineering.





RCA Engineering, we give a twist to the process of recycling composite materials. We contribute to a circular value chain by providing an effective solution to the management of composite waste.

RCA Engineering proposes the E2C2M system for the management of composite materials once they have been processed. Generating energy-efficient construction elements for the construction industry, providing sustainability and commitment to the environment.

E2C2M is the new module designed by RCA is designed for the manufacture of modular construction elements such as:

  • Modular hospitals

  • Modular rooms C&D (clean & dry rooms)

  • Modular bridges suitable for heavy traffic

  • Modular emergency camps

  • Modular Data Centers

  • Modular homes


Our goal in projects for composite recycling plants is to separate the individual materials from the fibre-reinforced plastic. This is a major challenge due to the structure of composite materials, in which carbon or glass fibres are firmly anchored in a plastic matrix.

Our projects are based on circular processes, zero waste, zero environmental emissions and implement the Industry 4.0 system and the use of artificial intelligence to optimize processes.

All our projects are energetically efficient and environmentally friendly.


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