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About us

RCA Enginering stands for application-driven research and development with a focus on lean engineering. RCA Engineering is committed to innovation at the level of manufacturing processes, production, process chains, as well as plant standardization.

RCA Engineering collaborates and supports our customers and partners with development projects. Being a reliable partner for SMEs, large companies and corporations, we help ensure a technological and competitive advantage.

Mission & Vision

We set the direction towards a new efficient engineering, with zero waste, decarbonization of processes and digitization to guarantee fully sustainable processes.

RCA Engineering is continually researching and improving procedures for recycling composite materials.

All our solutions are characterized by being respectful of the environment.

Get to Know Us

I changed my business style from project manager in a large company to general manager in a small company.

Over 20 years I have learned to take consulting jobs in the field of plastic materials and strengthen my technology.

This has allowed us to develop a new technology for the recycling of composite reinforced plastic materials that is easy to implement.

The result is that our projects contribute to the sustainability of society.

Corporate Philosophy, Vision, Greetings from C.E.O Jaime Recasens


Our Team.

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